Fashion Week Is Like for a Production Director

As is often the designers, models, and Street Style stars who get the lion's share of Limelight during fashion week, there's a whole industry of people who work tirelessly to put together the shows every season. In a series of short profiles, we'll shine the spotlight on those reviews behind-the-scenes talent.

It's not just the clothes that make it a memorable show of fashion - the staging and atmosphere play an equally important role in expressing the direction of a collection and create an experience that will keep the industry talking for months come over.

These types of events do not happen without some serious help, though. Office Batek production company, run by Alexandre de Batek in Paris, has put together some of the hottest shows this season, Including Rodarte, Jason Wu and The Row. Production Manager of the company, Barbara Fourneau, jumped on the phone with us right before Fashion Week kicked off to tell us what it takes to make those magical moments happen-Reviews.
Fashion Week Is Like for a Production Director

It depends on the designer, Because some designers have a better idea of ​​what they want to do early enough in the process. In general, we begin in July. We will begin the search location three or four months before the show. The part of the local search is the most difficult, because there are not that many great spaces available, and now that people are going away from the Lincoln Center tents, all other spaces are filling up fast. We always want to find new, none showed particular places, so that is a challenge.

Fashion Week Is Like for a Production Director

Well, we ended up with after the fashion week in Paris. We're not really done until October, but then we have a lot of other projects roomates come right at the end of October, so we did not really get a break. During the fashion week is happening, you are working on upcoming projects, so you're always working. We have a break at Christmas time, when other people have breaks, so that when the others are not in their e-mail Reviews can we have a break. Let's take a break in the early summer to be able to recharge the batteries and be ready for September, maybe at Christmas to be ready for February, but we have a lot of projects. It 'really exciting, it's the good thing about this job, there's always new projects and challenges. Alex [de Betak], the president of the company, it is always coming up with crazy ideas and crazy challenges that make us go back and want to do more. I have been with this company for 16 years, and if it was not funny or a great job I think I would not be here.
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