Five Fashion Things To Love About Ralph Lauren's Cream And Gray Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

These are drawings of Ralph Lauren suddenly become young and contemporary again - or is it the 'rebirth of the 90s that is making them look that way? That was my first thought at the end of Lauren Pre-Fall 2014 show - yes, a real show, not clothes rack! - In the scene at the Madison Avenue flagship Wednesday morning of the designer. Regardless, it was a beautiful collection, full of soft, easy, and wear well-cut pieces. Here are five things I liked about it.

Five Fashion Things To Love About Ralph Lauren's Cream And Gray Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

1 It 's so nice to be in a real show. Few designers make it a full-on show to submit their pre-fall and resort collections - usually someone in the public relations department will guide you through racks of clothing. It is not until you are in a pre-fall show as Oscar de la Renta or Ralph Lauren that you remember how the models and the setting affect the feeling you have for a collection - in a good way. Lauren was staged on the second floor of his house and women points to 888 Madison Avenue. The models presented their receipts under a chandelier, supported by a load fireplace with white roses. The track was covered in a cream fabric. Everything felt elegant, special and a little 'intimate, because Lauren's family all sitting front row with enthusiasm.

2 A strict palette indicates a strong direction. Lauren could not stray beyond grays and creams for his pre-fall collection, and as a result he felt clear and cohesive. The interplay of textures - leather and suede, wool and chiffon controlled floating, feathers and fur - kept interesting, as did the beautiful, delicate pleating adorning feminine dresses and skirts, as the dress that opened the show.

3 The movement of the clothes. This collection was one that needed to be seen to be appreciated walking patterns: in particular, the skirt shown in the floating look 20, which was fascinating to watch. (Movement of the collar were less attractive, as it continued to look as if he could flip on his face.)

4 A suede trousers and matching boots look really good. Look 6 leggings in beige suede boots combined with almost matching: Looked good and much more portable than a boot in suede thigh-high.

5. mixing off-the-shoulder with fur. I do not know that it was a "good" I look for him, but I liked the sweater in 12 appearance: a casual, off-the-shoulder gray ribbed knit, cut along the front, with gray shearling cuffs. The mix of randomness and fur was both sexy and unexpected. It looked like something Erika Bearman, aka OscarPRGirl, might wear.
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