Vip fashion have experience en route to Paris

The world of fashion has been a close call horrible last night, like a plane full of people in large companies when it hit a serious hard time in the process of landing in Paris.

According to the New York Post, an Air France flight carrying some of the most influential fashion - EIC Glenda Bailey (Harper's Bazaar), Linda Wells (Allure) and Anne Fulenwider (Marie Claire), Director of Glamour fashion Anna Christenson, director of digital creation of Vogue Sally Singer and news director Mark Holgate fashion and Barneys CEO Mark Lee, among them - from Milan to Paris fashion Week was forced to abort the landing at some point. Before you panic, okay, all right. Maybe just a little shocked and a little late for the first show. But these things do not start on time, right?

"How did we get very close to the runway, the plane began rocking. We were about to land, the pilot and the plane suddenly jerked up into the air, "a source told the Post:" A hostess announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, we're sorry, but we abort our landing. "

Wait, this is not the politically correct term "stewardess?" But anyway.

An anonymous editor has given the message of his first-hand account of the event: "It was as if it was a gale The inclined plane in one direction, then another, like a seesaw before landing. interrupted. "

Apparently, after a little turn, the plane landed safely in about 15 minutes. On the positive side (above the piano, you know, landing), the incident gave everyone something to say pending (you to be) huge amounts of luggage at the baggage claim .

Although for some, terrifying episode will be hard to shake. Because of this mode "near death experience" related Weekend editor * sigh * be "taking the train for the upcoming season."

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